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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 15, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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it wouldn't have been an easy one but not a case where it was a hard seat to hold onto. this is a shell shock for a lot of folks. the white house is downplaying it saying this is something he talked about for years. when you have somebody like bayh that had as decent a chance as anyone deciding not to run based on the brokenness of washington, that's not a good thing. >> they are downplaying it at an interesting time with the filing deadline. there's not as if there was a name that instantly came to mind when we heard this newsbreak. that's problematic for one. you have senator bayh in excerpts of his speech released by the associated press, he's talking about he does not enjoy congress anymore. things are just too partisan and you can't get anything done. >> yeah, so he's leaving with quite an indictment of the institution he's leaving. when i said before it wasn't a good thing, what i mean, of course, it's not a good thing
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for democrats to have somebody like him decide, i just won't run, won't bother, the institution is not what it once was. people have long said this about congress. seems like folks in the senate or house always say, gosh, it's gotten more partisan. i don't know if there's any objective way to measure that. he's creted the opposition to the debt commission. look, if you can't get both parties on board to get that through, what can we be expected to do. the jobs bill, senator reid was responsible for changing that at the last minute. a lot felt aggrieved by that saying you pulled the rug out from under us. whether or not washington has become more broken is up to date but he felt like he didn't have the fire in his belly to run. you need that to go through campaigns in this modern era. >> back to the white house
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saying evan bayh has been talking about this for a long time. any word on who would step up in that state. >> of course it's a holiday for everyone but you and i -- we haven't heard names the white house has talked about. the first place to look would be indiana's democratic congressional delegation, look to them and decide who might run. mike pence reiterated he does not want to run for the republican senate seat. dan coates is potentially in that. they will have to look hard and who they think can give a run for the money in indiana. >> i hate to read through the tea leaves as we wait for senator bayh to come up. it is a holiday.
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sbng ti interesting time. he's walking out now with his son to make the big announcement he won't seek re-election. [ applause ] >> thank you very much and thank you all for joining us today. i know how busy you are. i'm very grateful to you for taking the time to be with us. i'd like to begin by acknowledging some people to whom i owe a debt of gratitude. first my wife susan who for 25 years has stood by my side, without her love and support, show much i've accomplished would not be possible. as my father told me on the day i married, son, you definitely married up. i love you, sweetheart. second, my wonderful boys, bo and nick, who i love so much and
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of whom i am so proud. being their father is the most important job i will ever have. next my staff members, many of whom are assembled in the room here today, both past and present, who have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for the people of my state. there is not one that couldn't have made more money or worked fewer hours don't something else. they have always managed to make me look much better than i deserve. most importantly, i'm grateful to the people of indiana, who for almost a quarter century placed their trust and welfare in my hands. no one could ask for a greater boss or a greater honor. i was raised in a family that believes public service is the highest calling in the church. what matters is not what you take from life but what you give back. i believe that still. for almost all of my adult life i've been privileged to serve the people of indiana in
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elective office. as secretary of state i worked to reform election laws to ensure every vote counts. i cast the deciding vote in the closest congressional race in the nation for a member of the other political party, because i believed that he had legitimately won the election. as governor, i work with an outstanding team to balance the budget, cut taxes, leave the largest surplus in state history, create the most new jobs during any eight year period, increased fundings for school every year, made college more affordable and reform welfare to emphasize work, water standards, created more parks since the 1930s and raised the penalties for violent crime. in the senate i have continued to fight for the best interest of our state. i've worked with hoosier workers and businesses large and small in the defense sector, life sciences, medical device industry, autos, steel, recreational vehicle
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manufacturing and many, many more to save and create new jobs. since 9/11 i've fought to make our nation safe with a national security policy that is both tough and smart. i've championed the cause of our soldiers to make sure they have the equipment they have needed in battle and the health care they deserve when they return home. i have often been a lonely voice for balancing the budget and restraining spending. i have worked with democrats, republicans, and independents alike to do the nation's business in a way that is civil and constructive. i'm fortunate to have good friends on both sides of the aisle, something too rare in washington day. after all of these years, my passion for service to our fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so by serving in congress has waned. for some time i've had a growing conviction that congress is not operating as it should. there is much too much partisanship, not enough progress. too much narrow ideology and not
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enough practical problem solving. even at a time of national challenge, the people's business is not getting done. examples of this are legion but two recent ones of suffice. two weeks ago dealt with exploding deficits and debt. the measure would have passed by seven members who endorsed the idea, actually co-sponsored the legislation, instead voted nor for short-term political reasons. last week, a major piece of legislation to create new jobs, our nation's top priority today fell apart amidst complaints from both the left and the right. all of this and much more has led me to believe there are better ways to serve my fellow citizens. my beloved state and our nation than continued service in congress. to put it into words i think most people can understand, i love working for the people of indiana. i love helping our citizens make
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the most of their lives, but i do not love congress. i will not, therefore, be a candidate for re-election to the united states senate this november. my decision should not be interpreted for more than it is, a very difficult, deeply personal one. i'm an executive at heart. i value my independence. i'm not motivated by strident partisanship or idea yellow gold. these traits might be useful in many walks of life but unfortunately they are not highly valued in congress. my decision should not reflect adversely on my colleagues who continue to serve in the senate. while the institution is in need of significant reform, there are many wonderful people there. the public would be surprised and pleased to know that those who served them in the senate, despite their policy and political differences, are unfailingly hardworking and devoted to the public good as they see it. i will miss them. i particularly value my
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relationship with senator dick luger and have often felt if all could have the relationship we enjoy, the institution would be a better place. my decision should not reflect adversely on our president. i look forward to working with him over the next 12 months to get the deficit under control, get the economy moving again, regulate wall street to prevent future political crisis and make sure all children can fulfill their god-given potential. this is the right decision for america. my decision was not motivated by political concern. even in the current challenging political environment, i'm confident in my prospects for re-election. five times over the last 24 years i've been honored by the people of indiana with electoral success. but running for the sake of winning an election just to remain in public office is not good enough, and it has never been what has motivated me.
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at this time i simply believe that i can best contribute to society in another way, creating jobs by helping to grow a business, helping guidance institution of higher learning to educate our children, helping run a worthy, charitably or philanthropic endeavor. in closing let me say this. words cannot convey, nor can i adequately express my gratitude to the people of indiana. i will never forget those i've been privileged to serve and those who have so kindly supported me. i've always tried to remember that my job is to work for hoosiers, not the other way around. i'm constantly reminded that if washington, d.c. could be more like indiana, washington would be a better place. lastly, let me reiterate my deep and abiding love for my country and my optimism for our future. these are difficult times for
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america, it is true. but we have seen difficult days before, and we will see better days to come. with all of our faults, we are an exceptional nation. i look forward to continuing to do my part, to meet the challenges we face as a private citizen, to work for solutions not slogans, progress not politics, so that our generation can do what americans have always done, convey to our children an america that is stronger, more prosperous, more decent and more just. thank you all again. may god bless you all. >> senator evan bayh giving much the same speech that was leaked out to the press earlier this morning regarding his concerns of the climate in washington, it
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being too partisan, saying that he loved to serve the people of indiana, loved serving the public but no longer loved congress and what was happening there. he also made a note that his decision should not reflect adversely on president obama who he wants to continue to work with through november on the budget as well as a number of other issues. we'll continue to give reaction on senator bye's bayh's decisio. they have to find another name, another person to fill his shoes as the filing deadline is friday in that case. we'll continue to follow breaking news on senator evan bayh's shocking announcement on this monday, president's day. we'll bring you more reaction from the white house who, according to savannah guthrie were not taken off-guard by this. they said senator bayh has been discussing this for some time. we'll have more on that reaction. we're learning more about the college professor accused of killing three colleagues and wounding others at the
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university of alabama in huntsville. the boston globe is reporting amy bishop and her husband were suspects in a mail bombing attempt in '93. they also say bishop shot and killed her brother in 19d 86 at their home in boston. that was declared an accident at the time. authorities are reexamining that. it turns out the police files are missing. joining me now the boston globe's maria cramer who has been reporting extensively on the story. >> thanks for having me. >> how is it the file got lost in this case regarding miss bishop's brother? what's the reaction from the police who were investigating this then? >> that's a great question. basically at this point we don't know what happened to that file. i spoke to the former police chief in brain tree, the chief at the time of the shooting. he says he doesn't know what happened to the file. the mayor of the town has said he's looking into this.
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they want to see if they can find it. nobody knows where this report is, what it would have said or what it would have touched on is what happened at the time of her arrest. where she was when the arrest happened. >> do we know any details about what happened. i understand they ruled it an accident because the mother, at least, amy bishop's mother said the gun misfired. >> right. what the mother told police at the time was that amy had come downstairs with this pump action gun, and she was trying to figure out how to use it. this is according to the mother. and that it accidentally went off and basically hit seth bishop, 18-year-old seth bishop in the chest killing him. then amy bishop, according to her mother, ran out of the house screaming and police later found her with the gun. >> why was she a suspect in this 1993 bombing attempt on this professor at harvard? why is she a suspect in that case.
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>> at the time she was a suspect in the case because she was working under the doctor. she was doing her post dondocto fellow in a biochemistry lab under him. she according to sources under us was worried he was going to give her a bad review. they had had some sort of dispute that provided in the minds of officials at the time motive for her to send this bomb. however, nothing ever came of the investigation because authorities decided the evidence was circumstantial. but she was detained and questioned. >> she wasn't charged in either of these incidents it wouldn't follow her to wherever she would go on eventually being alabama. >> right. in both instances, authorities decided not to prosecute her and she went on to become a biology professor at the university of alabama. >> incredible details about the past. i know we'll talk more about it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we want to turn to developments today involving toyota. the transportation department
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has revealed it's received new complaints alleging 34 more deaths in toyota vehicles due to sudden acceleration. some of the accidents go back ten years and the dot says it's received many complaints in the last few weeks as the publicity surrounding the massive global recall has intensified. joining us chief business correspondent for business news and world report. a couple weeks ago i interviewed a man out of texas. his wife died in an accident. he blames toyota. he has sued. at the time no idea there was a recall or these issues and now his attorneys believe they put pieces together. that's just one. but again, as i said, another 34 new ones. how does toyota deal with these lawsuits? >> well, they are in such a bind on this. on the one hand they have to look apologetic. if they say, look, we screwed up. there's a lot we do not know. it takes a long time. if they say we screwed up, they
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admitted liability in these lawsuits. >> they have admitted issues. >> the transportation department said you need to deal with this or we force you, the worst possible situation. toyota is way back on their heels. they have not gotten control of this problem yet. it takes a long time to figure out what's going on. 34 deaths, that's 34 too many, over ten years and billions of miles driven. it's very hard to connect the dots with these things. there have been some with audi in the 1980s, that turned out not to be a problem with audis. that turned out to be driver error. >> you've got a congressional hearing. governors of states that have toyota plants and they are worried about the 127,000 workers at these plants because there is a possibility, at least in their mind, that toyota can never recover. >> toyota can absolutely recover but they are not through the
2:18 pm
woods. the bad news needs to stop. >> they have no control over that? >> it depends. if they can mount -- if a lee iacocca figure can say we're taking responsibility for everything. they have done this to some extent. they haven't had the forceful leader. i don't think they will. it's not that type of company. there is no lee iacocca really. get through the bad news, persuade people we know what the bad news is. the hearings next week could be a disaster or it can be an opportunity to say here is everything we know, persuade congress and start the work. >> something else will come along and bump it out of the headlines. that's their opportunity to fix it. >> it's not happened in the last weeks. thank you. a pleasure. with the president's policy taking a beating at the polls, some democrats are beginning to distance themselves from him ahead of the midterm election. a look at whether this works for
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them. canada's gold medal lull is over. jonny moseley joins me from vancouver to talk about it. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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let's check the headlines. the men's downhill race in canada called themselves the canadian cowboys are favored to win. don't count out american bode miller. a little over an hour ago lindsey vonn set to take part for a training run for downhill. a second run coming. team usa leads with six, germany four. the first to win a title
2:23 pm
inside his country's borders. australian begg-smith silver, byron wilson bronze for usa. jonny moseley live for the competition. thanks for joining me, jonny. >> no problem. >> talk about the canadian victory. alex bilodeau. >> that was an electric moment, hot dog, freestyle, wild, on the edge, a great thing to be part of. it was really actually i was crying in the booth multiple times. >> you were crying? >> yeah, it was such an emotional -- i kind of cry at the olympics anyway but it's an emotional moment when he finished. yeah. >> now, i understand, and i'm no expert at this, you are. i read the risk taking paid off for him. what does that mean? >> well, the top jump he did was three full revolutions.
2:24 pm
two twists and one flip. highly risky maneuver. a much more difficult trick than the second place finisher did. he was barely hanging on through the middle and had one of the fastest times. he put the whole package together. he rolled the dice on the big trick and it paid off for him. i like to see that. it is freestyle. it is the olympics. the winning run should be on the edge out of control. >> not bad for team usa, a bronze "nightly news" competition as well. >> byron wilson skied amazing. we had been watching him e wasn't even on the team earlier in the year. a teammate got hurt in the first world cup. he got two second places, that's what got him in the olympic. a clutch performance. i watched his run again a couple of times. it was magnificent. it was a clean run. he was a tad bit low but that's what put him in third place. but third place, nonetheless, better than what we expected.
2:25 pm
>> third place at the olympics people would take easily. now that you revealed you cried at one point, how do you feel at these games. it's been excitement from the beginning with the lindsey vonn injury and so many other events leading up to it. >> reporter: yeah, obviously we got here and it was the weather, the weather, the weather. is the course going to slide off the mountain. no, it's going to be fine. the competitions have been excellent, free styles, the tightest margins between first and fifth. the drama with lindsey. i'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds. overall, minus the tragedy in the luge, it's been an excellent game so far for me. >> it looks picture perfect behind you. it's a beautiful shot. greatly appreciate it very much, jonny. democrats up for re-election in the fall already beginning to
2:26 pm
position themselves as independent from president obama. is this savvy political move? ellen degeneres is not the only one opposed to shock jock howard stern joining "american idol." we'll tell you about the new list of people opposed to this possibility. details coming up in scoop. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. the one time of year red lobster creates so many irresistible ways to treat yourself to lobster. like our new wood-grilled lobster and shrimp with parmesan scampi... our succulent lobster lover's dream,
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welcome back here a few headlines we're watching. a few moments ago we heard from senator evan bayh making the big announcement he will not run for a third term in congress. he feels he would have been re-elected, it is the partisan birtherness within the beltway that has turned him off from at least seeking re-election there. right now u.s. marines are engaging in several firefights as they push into southern afghanistan as day three of a major offensive to take over in
2:30 pm
marjah. one of the most aggressive assaults against the taliban since 2009. the transportation department revealed it has received new complaints alleging 34 more deaths in toyota vehicles due to sudden acceleration. some of the accidents go back 10 years. the do the has many complaints as publicity about the global recall has spread. midterm elections coming up. we may see some running on an anti-obama platform. according to a report out today, the obama white house is not discouraging the tactic sending back channel messages green lighting the idea. for more let's talk to senior congressional correspondent from the "huffington post." ryan, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> why would the white house green light this idea to distance some of these members of congress deciding to distance themselves from the president? >> they are in a whatever works mode right now.
2:31 pm
this reminds me of a story from the beginning of january 2009 where a democratic congressman went to obama and said are you sure we want to do health care this year? we tried this in '93 and got wiped out in '94. obama said to them, look, the difference between then and now is you have me. i'm going to save you guys. there was a failure in strategic thinking there. if everything starts to collapse, then his approval rating will collapse wit. then as democrats want to do, they run for the hills. the democrats mentioned, they are conservative democrats who like to run away from the democratic party no matter what. as soon as they get a chance they are willing to do it. >> that article came out, today the big shocker with senator evan bayh, a conservative democrat. he says he wasn't worried about the political climate as far as his ability to win, he's up 20
2:32 pm
points according to one poll, but it's the tone, what's happened in congress that turned him off, pushed him to the point he doesn't want to seek re-election. >> which is kind of funny. evan bayh is one of those people insisting you need 60 votes to get anything done. if you propose doing anything through reconciliation which requires 50 votes and would allow you to actually accomplish something in the senate then he pushes back against that. he's kind of like making the case against the filibuster. he should stick around and try to abolish the filibuster if that's what his concern is. >> is this shaping up to be the nightmare some democratic voters pictured? you had 60, this new fresh, bright president, now the pieces seem to be crumbling down. >> it's staggering how quickly everything is collapsing. it took the republicans, what, 12 years of mismanagement or something along those lines to lose their majority.
2:33 pm
here one year into the obama presidency, already it's an open question whether or not democrats are going to hold the senate. going from 60 seats to 50 or possibly even fewer, that's lightning quick in political terms. >> i've got to ask you because i've got a couple of e-mails from people pointing the figure also at tim kaine in this saying he bears responsibility, in their opinion, on what we're seeing. >> well, there does seem to be a failure in basic strategy. evan bayh probably would have won. you know, the blogosphere, democratic left, they are not the biggest fans of evan bayh but they would rather have him than dan coates. but losing a -- you still should not have lost a massachusetts seat. there's some basic failures going on with the overall failures. >> we'll see what happens next. seems like every day another ball or rock drops at this
2:34 pm
point. thank you very much. great to see you. see you soon. haiti's president said he would like to ask those in charge of the 10 american missionaries jailed on child kidnapping charges for a quick decision on their release. president rene preval spoke today with mike taibbi. mike joins us on the phone from port-au-prince. what else can you tell us about that interview? >> reporter: it's interesting. we've been asking for a couple of days with an interview. he called us in and what his feelings were about the case himself. he spoke of judge who has been agonizing about what to do about this case, given the fact last week he recommended all 10 be released right away unconditionally pending the outcome of the investigation, yet he still hasn't released them. president preval gave us a very, very specific accident. if you have it there, roll it now. >> mike, i think we have an exert from your interview with president preval. let's play it. >> i ask him to speed up the
2:35 pm
proce process. we will see. >> do you have any indication of how or when the case will come to an end. >> no, sir. i'm not a judge. he's an independent bodyworking doing his job. >> and mike, obviously he's saying that the decision rests with the judge. he can only encourage at this point. sounds like again we're back where we were waiting with no specific time line. >> yes. the judge has just arrived at the courthouse a few miles from here, tamron. the two prosecutors talking all afternoon about whether or not they are going to try to press an appeal, the judge's recommendation to release the ten missionaries. the case goes on. they are now the ten of them entering this third week of incarceration, on charges of attempted child kidnapping with no resolution, at least this afternoon in sight for today. tamron. >> mike, thank you very much for the live report from
2:36 pm
port-au-prince, haiti. also, take a look at this, a clash between an anti-whaling group and japanese whaling ship. it happened in the southern ocean over the weekend. the video was reesed by the japanese whalers. it shows an anti-whaling ship closing in on the japanese vessel and protesters actually climbing onto the japanese ship. and all eyes on the seven-year-old samba queen at rio de janeiro. two minutes in, julia broke down in tears and had to be rushed away by a handler. but after being comforted five minutes later, she was back in front of massive drumline dancing. her father said all the photographers surrounding the child scared her. controversy surrounded her being declared one of the samba queens as many thought she was much too young in what is seen as a sexual role in that massive
2:37 pm
parade. "24" no more, kiefer sutherland going under the knife. getting the scoop from entertainment reporter for pop goes the >> the difference between jack bauer and kiefer sutherland is a ruptured cyst. apparently that's what happened to kiefer. rather than wait six weeks, they decided to press pause. he's going to undergo surgery and if all goes as planned he'll be back in a week. >> the show was on the list of possible shows to be canceled, even though it's got a following. >> this will be an interesting way to gauge how the popularity is, the buzz surrounding the show. for now they are saying an elective thing. >> one word, hey now? hey now, what's that?
2:38 pm
some parents are not happy. >> fox may be reconsidering howard stern as a judge now that parents are a massive initiative saying this is one of the few family friendly shows on television. don't throw someone in that makes obscene, crude remarks. they are going through a library of things he said and asking people to launch their campaign to get him off the show. >> which is so interesting he would be interested in a show like there. who he isis being racy and out there. >> it's all about publicity for him. now that ellen is a judge who doesn't have a huge music background. >> but she's sweet. >> exactly. kara is saying someone with musical expertise. that's the role simon played. he's getting a lot of buzz, a lot of talk. >> what's next? >> the other thing going on, snookie. >> from jersey shore. >> you know the expression tall drink of water, a short drink of
2:39 pm
crazy. >> i love that. >> editorializing. there are rumored to be pictures online of her in various stages of undress. >> let me be clear here. i did not click on the picture, i was on the website and the front page was snooky. >> one in particular shows her back side. you don't see her face so you can't tell it's her. the pictures on the wall behind her match one she's posed for. >> the word is she released them on her own to get publicity. >> radar online said definitely pictures, a possible sex tape. snooki is saying -- on twitter, of course. it's not true, radar is wrong. the word is these pictures exist. >> the one i saw on that website, it looked like her. >> it does kind of look like her. i'm just saying. >> what was it again? >> a short drink of crazy. >> thank you so much.
2:40 pm
i need a t-shirt that says that. move over olympians, the competition for who literally gets to be called the top dog is taking place in new york. 2500 pedigrees will be competing. 134th westminster kennel dog show, three new breeds introduced this year, irish setter, the shepherd. be sure to watch 8:00 p.m. eastern on usa. continuing live coverage at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnbc. since our copy doesn't say, i should. i'm co-hosting the show. thanks, guys, for the support. moving on, a gunman that opened fire during a sunday service. 100 people in the service at the time. a 14-year-old among those shot. and more on the story that just broke two hours ago. an arrest warrant has been issued for cyclist floyd landes.
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right now in california a manhunt for a man that walked in a churnl and opened fire injuring two teenagers. it happened in the san francisco area. the gunman and two companions entered the church wearing hooded sweat shirts. they shot two young men, a 14 and 19-year-old. the injuries are nonlife threatening. it's not clear if the teenagers were the targets of the attack. the body of a missing 17-year-old girl has been discovered in washington. she was last seen tuesday after leaving school. her body was found saturday fully clothed with her feet in the river. police think someone dumped her there. her friends say she was murdered. an autopsy scheduled for
2:45 pm
tomorrow. anti-adoption league issued an arrest warrant for floored landis. the warrant is in connection with a hacking incident at a doping lab back in december 2006. that's the year landis was stripped of his tour de france title after testing for high levels. graham, thanks for making time for us. >> appreciate you having me. >> not like we've been talking floyd landis in the news much legal but when this crossed the wires it was stunning. what's the story here? >> the international arrest warrant being issued for not only disgraced cyclist floyd landis but his long time coach and doctor. landis stripped of the 2006 title and banned for two years after testing positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs. what's being alleged is landis and baker hired somebody to hack
2:46 pm
into the lab that conducted the cyclist positive drug test. it's unclear whether the person who hacked into the lab's computer manipulated documents or looked at the documents. the american cyclist unsuccessfully challenged the drug test results before an arbitration hearing in california. he claimed the computer files were mishandled erased. what is clear is what's being alleged is landes and his adviser behind the computer hacking, interestingly the international arrest warrant was issued january 28th, so it's also unclear why it's just now coming out. >> right. any reaction from floyd landis or his coach or any spokespeople? >> none yet that i know of. now, what this means for landis, he didn't respond to a november summons, which is why the international arrest warrant was issued in the first place. if he doesn't absolutely have to go back to france, he obviously isn't going to go back to avoid
2:47 pm
being arrested. he's no longer a professional cycling threat. he raced recently in arizona but had a poor showing, so his days of having any significant impact as a professional cyclist are likely over. >> does he still maintain he did nothing wrong? >> he absolutely does. i mean, i look at now what's come out with this international arrest warrant, i guess you can understand why landis would do this if it proves to be the case, because obviously his ability to make a living as a professional cyclist is how he puts food on the table but it's mild lly amusing. here is a guy caught for cheating and he allegedly tries to cheat his way out of the cheating ban. you can't make this stuff up. >> it's amazing and when you're name is not in the news and pops back up with a few arrest warrants it hurts a few years. okay, appreciate it. we received a lot of tweets
2:48 pm
from you guys on the show today. first off, this is a good one. congrats to bryan wilson on winning the bronze in the freestyle. go, team byron. a lot reacted to evan bayh. evan bayh he's gone. blagojevich is available or roland burris. you connect the dots. i don't know. let me know your thoughts at we'll reach out and respond to as many as we can. thinking of eliminating 12th grade senior year. they are saying this is a waste of time. is this new proposal crossing the line. the senior year, didn't you learn a lot? or just go to prom and waste time. find out what joe the plumber is saying about jpl. ouch.
2:49 pm
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welcome back.
2:52 pm
there's a lot going on. here are things we thought you should know. remember joe the plumber, campaigned for john mccain and sarah palin. apparently he's no longer a fan of mr. mccain. joe told an audience in pennsylvania mccain is no public servant. and after public backlash, a statute of barack obama has been taken down in a park in indonesia. the bronze statute was inspired by a picture of the president when he was 10. it was moved to an elementary school the president attended as a child. more than 57,000 critics joined a facebook page saying an indonesian hero should be in the park instead. on twitter, gibbs first tweet was, learning about the twitter, easing into this with first tweet. any tips? later on he posted a more confident tweet with, watch out, kim kardashian. another thing to know, speaking of tweets, congrats to american
2:53 pm
freestyle moguls who won the bronze. his name is bryon. it's bryon wilson. congratulations to him and a pretty cool spelling, thank you very much. cutting class never a good idea. cutting out the entire 12th grade, let me think about it. utah senator said his state should make 12th grade optional to students. "l. a. times" reports he suggested getting rid of grade 12 as a way to save $60 million for the state. he's now saying rather than scrapping grade 12, it can be optional to students who completed required credits. one high school student had this reaction to the idea, quote, i need this year. my parents are against it, the
2:54 pm
teachers at the school are against it, i'm against it. the idea has been met with some support. it's been praised for thinking out of the box. does it cross the line. is cut out a year of high school worth the money it will save or is that last year priceless? crossing the line, you tell me. go to you can vote. we have a voting mechanism. you can vote or twitter me directly at send me a tweet, your prom picture. that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. join me tomorrow, each day, 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. contessa brewer picks up for david shuster. >> it's a tweet, just to go on the record. >> i'm like robert gibbs. >> you've got the lingo down, sister. coming up, we'll be talking politics. evan bayh pulling out of the race in indiana. the timing here, the questions
2:55 pm
begin. is it really because of the gridlock in government or is there something else prompting evan bayh to take his name out of nomination. quick break here. we'll be right back. hear that? seals it tight. smells like fresh ground. fresh fresh fresh fre-- that's our favorite part. ...fresh! (announcer) taste why maxwell house is good to the last drop.
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the big stories we're following for you right now at the top of the hour. a shocking announcement from indiana senator evan bayh. the democrat is not running for re-election. he's blaming the poisonous atmosphere on capitol hill for the decision. the vp smackdown that's still causing reaction. biden versus cheney on terror, iraq and more. new turns in the case of a college professor accused of opening fire on her colleagues. another possible connection to a previous crime uncovered. plus the war of words developing between a famous filmmaker and southwest airlines over the too fat to fly guidelines. hello, everyone. i'm contessa brewer in for david shuster today. good to see you.
2:59 pm
democratic leader evan bayh considered by many, including himself, to be a shoo-in for election. >> a growing conviction the congress is not operating as it should. there's much too much partisanship and not enough progress. even at a time of a national challenge, the people's business is not getting done. to put it into words most people can understand, i love working for the people of indiana. i love helping our citizens make the most of their lives but i do not love congress. >> there's a lot of speculation today about the timing behind all of this, why the senator from indiana who is very popular has not lost elections would choose this moment to withdraw. it certainly open up opportunities for the republicans to go in and grab this democratic senate seat. the primary challenger looks to be dan coats, the republican


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